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Six Studliest Beards Ever and The Men Who Don Them

Not every man is capable of pulling off a beard. The best beards are worn by men who make their beard their own and wear it confidently. The following are the top Six men who can pull off their studly beards we’ve come to know and love.

Brett Keisel

Brett Keisel Beard Style
With two Super Bowl wins under his belt, Brett Keisel doesn’t need his beard to prove his manhood but it sure doesn’t hurt. The longtime defensive end for the Pittsburgh Steelers is best known for “Da Beard”. His auburn tinted beard is so famous, in fact, that it has its own Facebook page and Twitter account. A beard that has it’s own social media accounts is definitely one of the studliest beards around.

James Harden

James Harden Beard Style

On the other side of the world of sports, Houston Rockets standout James Harden has always been known for his lengthy but well kept beard. It’s difficult to find a photo without him donning his signature beard. His hairstyles has changed over the years but have always complimented the beard well.

Sean Connery

Sean Connery Beard Style

Connery is best known for his silky voice that makes women across the world swoon, but his beard is a true sight to behold. Well groomed and with plenty of dark hair to contrast the white, Connery’s beard is near picture perfect. There is no doubt he invests plenty of time in the upkeep of his beard and uses only the best products available. The Art of Shaving suggests using quality shaving products to keep up with a look like this. Shaving can be just as important to bearded men as it to clean shaven men.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman Beard Style

Morgan Freeman has been in the film industry for over 40 years. Some of his more recent appearances are from The Dark Knight trilogy. What’s unique about his beard is that he shows off his silver-gray hair. It’s a great look that only few can pull off as well as him. Freeman doesn’t need to grow the fullest of beards to have one of the studliest beards.

Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis Beard Style

Best known for his role in The Hangover trilogy, Zach’s brown beard has been a constant throughout his career. Its length has changed at times but the overall shape of his beard has stayed the same. It is tough to imagine his beard getting any fuller and it is the perfect shape for his face. Hopefully Zach and his beard will be around for many more comedies in the future. No one can wear this beard quite like he does.

Richard Karn

Richard Karn Beard Style

Last, but certainly not least, is Richard Karn. Best known for his role as “Al Borland” on the 1990s hit sitcom, Home Improvement, Karn and his beard embodied the mountain man look. This is one beard that other outdoors-men can have and still look as good as him. His character on the show was never without his plaid shirts and tools. “Al Borland” was America’s handy man and his perfectly grown beard just completed the look. This is a great look for fall facial hair.

These men wear their beards with confidence, making them as studly and as handsome as they come.