Shariq Textiles Lawn Collection 2013 for Women-1
Shariq textile is a famous textile industry of Pakistan that provides different fabrics especially for fashion women. They have introduced some tremendous collections this year which gained the attention of fashion industry. It initiated its business operations a few years ago. As far as fashion industry is concerned, Shariq textile has added value in Pakistan fashion industry by presenting beautiful styles. Due to their high quality fabrics, small boutiques owners prefer to make dress from Shariq Textile fabrics. It releases multitude fabric collection each year reflecting the fashion trends and traditional values of different women of country. This year collections include:

Bella Lawn collection

Bella collection is a tremendous mixture of classic and trendy waves. The look of their designs has increased with the lace work which makes them amazing and stylish. Long forks, A-line shirts, long shirts with churridar pajamas and shalwar kameez of bright colors are the life of this collection. With a beautiful blend of trendy and classy waves, the lace work has given the collection a beautiful look.

Shariq Textiles Lawn Collection 2013 for Women-2
Subhata Lawn Collection

In their Subhata Lawn collection, Shariq Textiles is offering printed and embroidered lawn prints for women. This collection is designed according to current fashion trends and it is consisting of long shirts, tops, frocks, and churridar pajamas with tunics. Jumpsuits are also a part of this beautiful and stylish collection. It includes both eastern and westrn designs with some modernity. Bright shades such as green,red, black, purple, blue, orange etc are the representative of this collection. Color richness of this collection has made it a perfect wear for young girls. The collection is available at their stores.

Riwaj Lawn collection

The sale of Riwaj summer lawn collection 2013 by Shariq Textiles has started from 10th march 2013. This collection is available at their stores so go and and get one before it goes out of stock. In Riwaj summer lawn collection; there are plenty of three-piece suits designs. The shirts and dupattas of this collection are both beautifully printed however, the fabrics of trouser is plain. Riwaj summer lawn collection 2013 has fabulous lawn prints with vibrant hues. Sale of this collection has started from 10th march 2013.

Shariq Textiles Lawn Collection 2013 for Women-3
They have made a list of their stock stores which is given on their face book page. Before visiting their outlet, take a look at Riwaj summer lawn collection 2013 by Shariq Textiles below.

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