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Let Your Hair and Skin Enjoy Winters

Winter weather plays havoc on hair and skin. Dry winter air and harsh temperatures zap moisture from skin, leading to redness, irritation and dryness. The cold outside and the indoor heat make skin dry and it does the same to hair. It becomes essential to take very special care to the exposed parts like hands, nails, feet, lips etc.  Let Your Hair and Skin Enjoy Winters

Low humidity level in winter season makes skin care really thorny especially for people with dry skin. Well, we cannot force the nature to change according to our necessities. So find out some effective alternatives rather than blaming the awesome winters. Here are certain things that you should try:

Drink water to keep your skin hydrated. We don’t get thirsty in winters but it doesn’t mean that our body does not need hydration. Like summers drinking enough water in winter is very important to avoid serious health issues especially related to skin and stomach. So maintain the healthy habit of drinking water in regular intervals. Lukewarm water is an option for those having bad throat or cough.

Daily exercise makes your day. Believe it or not but investing half an hour daily can save more than 5 hours by making you more efficient. You have not to worry about what exercise you should do. Choose what you are interested in and you can do easily.

Skin Care Products:
We all choose our skin care products carefully, Right? Think again! Know your skin and what it really needs in winters. Do not use the regular skin cream or moisturizer you use in summers.

Winter Hair Care: 
In winter as the moisture content in air goes down, the hair becomes dry, brittle and susceptible to damage although hair problems in winters may vary in individuals.

Try out these basic hair care tips and let your hair smile in winters.

1. A little application of oil on scalp and hair ends will keep them moisturized and check split ends.

2. Oil massage is very useful to increase blood circulation. It’s important for the growth of strong and healthy hair.

3. Do we really need to wash hair frequently as we do in summers? Well the answer is no. This takes away natural moisture from your hair and makes them drier.

4. We love hot shower in winter. But wait! It’s not good for your skin and hair. Hot water dries hair and promotes frizz. Always use lukewarm water for baths and hair wash.

5. Use a mild shampoo and always apply a good deep conditioner. This will help in keeping static electricity at bay. Do not go out with wet hair. This can adversely affect you hair.

7.  Little inconvenient but it is necessary to avoid blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron as they dry hair even more.

8. Brush or comb your hair two or three times a day to increase blood circulation in the scalp, loosen dry scalp skin and distribute the natural oils throughout the hair.

Author’s bio: Melissa is a freelance writer by profession and fitness enthusiast at heart. She mainly covers topics related to health, fitness, beauty and skincare. She always prefers natural remedies such as revitol acnezine cream, Revitol acne treatment cream, and Revitol acne removal moisturizing cream for natural glow and shine.