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Latest Hairstyles For Women 2012

Medium, Latest Hairstyles For Women 2012

Medium, Latest Hairstyles For Women 2012

Latest Hairstyles For Women 2012 – Celebrities are the best source when you come to choose hair style. Hairstyles either decrease or increase your personality, that’s why it contains importance. Hairstyles for women are different according to their duties like household women need to bind their hairs, while employed ladies have to make themselves attractive. One more thing for hairstyle to make sure whether it’s going to match your facial features or not, if not then you have wasted your money.

Now we are providing you with some simple and easy steps for looped hairstyle:

(1)   First shampoo and conditioned your hairs then make pony tail between nape and top of head and secure with any band. Pin out four inch thick section of hairs.

(2)   Divide the remaining section into six portions in ponytail. Take one section from left and twist it gently to form big hair loop. Repeat the same procedure with other sections one by one and secure with pins in such away that it hides the earlier pin.

(3)   Spray the hairs to hold them in position. Now unpin the top section of hairs and divide into four equal sections. Form a tight loop and pin it to make a four-leaf clover shape. Repeat the process with remaining sections.

(4)   The four tight loops are on the top of loose bottom loops. Finally spray the hairs to hold them and it’s the sign of preparation of looped updo hairstyle for women.

Tips for healthy hairstyles for women:-

  • Use natural shampoo, conditioner and do exercise daily.
  • For hair treatment mix licorice paste in milk and apply on bald patch. It not only stops the baldness but induces the hair growth as well. Seeds of lemon and black pepper are also used for this purpose.
  • Make a habit to massage your hair before bed with natural oil or home made like mixture of camphor and coconut oil.
  • Avoid using alcohol containing products for styling of hairs.
  • Never use rubber band as can damage the hairs badly.
  • Avoid fast food, if your hairs are oily but drink plenty of water.
  • Make a habit to relax all the time because stress is the main cause of hair loss, for this treatment take foods which are rich with Vitamin B, C and E.