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Latest Black Abaya Designs 2013

Looking beautiful is the ultimate desire of a woman even when she is wearing Abaya. An abaya is usually worn and preferred by the Muslim women and girls it is designed in a way that it covers almost the whole body. The fashion has also improvised the designs of abayas and they are now found in various designs and styles. It seems that the styles of abayas would be a bit different this year.

It is usually worn as a casual dress and women wear it when they have to go somewhere. The abayas which are worn casually are mostly black with silver or black strip. Recently a famous Al-Karam Qadri group has launched several new designs of abayas for their customers. The designers are also concentrating on abayas which could be worn during parties and weddings. These are made with fine cloth and are nourished with thread embroidery and other heavy work. These are expensive than simple ones but their beauty and delicate work is their specialty.

It is mostly preferred in black color but Abbas of other colors like brown, white and even pink are asked by women. There is a popular omen that black is the color of grief, so women avoid wearing black abayas when they are going to some party or wedding ceremony.

Latest Black Abaya Designs 2013

Latest Black Abaya Designs 2013-4

As it is seen that now most of the abayas have a scarf which is like an essential. No doubt that the scarf increases the look of an abayas and also makes the hair covering easy and stylish. The face can also be covered with this scarf. When the woman covers her face by the scarf, it is usually called as Naqab. In some Islamic countries it is compulsory that women should wear abayas. It doesn’t mean that it is not popular in other regions. Women in Europe also like to wear abayas when they are going outside the house or to some special event.

2012 was a great year and it has some astonishing designs but don’t forget to see the latest designs of abayas which we think will be preferred in this year 2013. There are some designers who only designing abayas now. You can also see that some of the most famous fashion shows have featured abayas in the past year and they are planning to expand its market by introducing heart touching designs. If you are interested in looking at some of the famous black abaya designs of 2013, scroll down to the images.

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Latest Black Abaya Designs 2013

Latest Black Abaya Designs 2013-2

Latest Black Abaya Designs 2013-1