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Karachi Fashion Week 2013

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“Karachi Fashion Week 2013” which was held in the last week of January 2013 was a true representative of Fashion women and latest trends of 2013. The place chosen to conduct this tremendous event was the expo center Karachi. It continues for four days and drew the attention of top brands. There were about thirty designers and labels from various countries including Pakistan, US, India, Malaysia and Nigeria and others exhibited their summer/ winter collections 2013-2014 in this fashion week. Seven of the designers’ exhibited their designs on the first day and the designs were mostly western.

The designers’ have brought a delightful twist in the designs by giving them a unique local touch. The lacework and heavy embroidery along with motifs changed the look of dresses entirely. It looks like most of the designed are made according to the requirements and choice of the elite class and yes, from marketing prospective, it is a successful strategy.

Karachi fashion week has been attended by International and national buyers, Fusionists, fashion models and media personal. Media has given full coverage to this glorious event to promote the fashion.

This event was organized under the supervision of the Pakistan Fashion Council by Excellent event and Entertainment. Some of the most famous brands which participated in this event were karma, GulAhmed, Just pert, Eden robe and many others. The people of world who think of Pakistan as a backward country were shocked to see the creativity and excellence shown in the Karachi Fashion Week 2013. “Hello” one of the famous magazines of U.K appreciated the talent of Pakistani fashion designers.

The designs of shalwar kurta and waistcoats given by Eden robe were hugely appreciated by the guests and audience. The young children who walked on the ramp with small jackets of formal colors gained the attention of the crowd. They also exhibited jamawar sharwanis, velvet pajamas and beautiful Kashmiri embroidered Kurtas.

The choreographer of this glamorous event was Imran Kureishi and the makeup artists of Pakistan’s Karachi Fashion Week 2013 were Huma Tahir and Zara’s salon and Bilal Khan who mainly did the grooming of male artists Gulahmed.

Karachi fashion Week is considered as the biggest and important fashion event for designers and models. There is no better place to find all the big brands on a single platform. This fashion week has drawn the attention of fashion lovers and they will love most the summer collections and surely will want them badly.

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