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How to Apply Highlighter

Hi beautiful women, highlighters are a very tricky part of makeup. Right application can make your face look “wow” and if not, it can really kill your look. Also, it is a highly neglected aspect of makeup in Indians.

Highlighter is basically the secret behind glowing skin. The purpose is to give the effect of a dewy glowy skin instead of a completely matte skin which foundations and concealors generally give. Also, it is meant to stick to “dewy” only and not unusual shiny.

Most of us who are not a pro at makeup, know that highlighters exist and they are good but how and where to use them is a mystery. Am I right?
So, I am going to tell you about the basics of highlighters, where to use them and how to use them.

How to Apply Highlighter Basics
Highlighters come as powders, liquids, stick or even cream forms. Which one to choose depends upon your comfort and efficiency of usage.

Choose highlighters that give subtle glow or gleam and not the ones which have glitter or big shine particles in them. Always try blending highlighters on your hand in the store or better have a trial.

Highlighters are mostly tinted; choose according to your skin tone. Brown or golden stick highlighters will not look good on fair skin and highlighters with pale pink tones will not go for dusky skin tones and vice versa.

Below your brow bone:
How to Apply Highlighter-1
This is the place where you can apply highlighter most easily. Just sweep the highlighter below your brow bone and blend nicely. This gives your eyes a more fuller and attractive look. Here, you can use shimmery highlighters as well depending on the occasion you are wearing it. Also, here you can experiment with different undertones of highlighters.

Inner corner of eyes around tear duct:

Here the purpose of using highlighter is to give your eyes a little wider and open look. Swipe in a‘c’ shape surrounding the tear duct or just put a dot of highlighter on the inner corner depending on what suites you more. This step also makes your dark circles appear much lesser than the usual.

On your cheek bone and around temple:

This is the trickiest place and you really need to master the art of applying highlighter here.

The most important tip: you do not have to apply the highlighter where you apply your blush. Instead you have to apply it a little above the blush on the apples of your cheek more towards the eyes instead of going down.

You can sweep the highlighter starting from the top of your cheekbone and taking it a little towards your temples.

How to Apply Highlighter-2
Remember blending is the main thing in applying highlighter on your cheeks. If you are using a moisturizing foundation, you better go for a liquid highlighter. I personally like liquid highlighters more because they can be blended more appropriately I feel. If you have oily skin and you usually set your makeup with powder at the end, you better go for powder highlighters. The purpose is to make your makeup look clean and as a single layer well blended on top of your skin. Do not opt for shimmery or glittery highlighter for your face ever; it will kill the entire look.

On the bridge of the nose:

Here the highlighter is applied to give your nose a bit more slender look. Remember you have to use a very little amount here because your nose should not appear very shiny or oily. Neither go too much upwards nor too much on the tip. Take little amount and blend well here.

On your cupid’s bow:

This gives the illusion of fuller and attractive lips. If you notice Kim kardashian’s or Chitrangdasingh’s makeup; they always use this trick to get more fuller and seductive lips. Just a little amount is enough here.

How to Apply Highlighter-3Some makeup artists also use highlighters on the forehead and chin too but then I would suggest you to do that only if you think you can carry it well. Do not go too overboard with highlighter. The main purpose of using highlighters at the above places is to make these areas appear more dewy in comparison to the rest of the facial skin. If you apply highlighter too much or on the entire face, it would look as if your skin is oozing oil and glitter and that is not what you want. Just dab at the right places in the right amount to get a more contoured and dewy natural look. This would enhance your facial features.

Author bio – Ashu is a writer at Wise She and is a complete makeupholic. In her free time she likes to read fiction stories and watch movies.